Aluminium Hydroxide USP

The Aluminium Hydroxide is produced under GMP international certification to comply with the USP standards. This product is the main ingredient for the non-systemic antacid production. This product, combined with the Magnesium Hydroxide, is the most used commercial anti-acid, since they both chemically react with the acid present in the stomach.
The use of the Aluminum Hydroxide in the antacid formulation is given by its capacity to neutralize the acidity and generate a buffer that presents a prolonged effect, with no secondary effects and a minor intestinal absorption level.
The aluminum hydroxide is amorphous in nature and contains carbonate in the its structure, generating aluminum polyhydroxy carbonate complexes which improves the acid-neutralizing capacity of the products.

  • Concentration: 13.6 - 16.6% Al(OH)3
  • Viscosity: 500 - 2000 Cps
  • pH: 5.5 - 8.0
  • Neutralizing capacity: > 3.4

KH Aluminum Hydroxide Paste

It is a pumpable gel, free of foreign substances, white color and quick reaction with gastric juice.

KH Aluminum Hydroxide Powder

It is an odorless white powder that meets the all USP requirements, widely used for its neutralization chemical properties. For the antacids industry its greatest use is for the tablets formulation, although it is also used in antacid suspensions. Its concentration is higher than 76.5% and an acid-neutralizing capacity greater than 25 mEq.

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