Aluminium Hydroxide USP

The Aluminium Hydroxide is produced under GMP international certification to comply with the USP standards. This product is the main ingredient for the non-systemic antacid production. This product, combined with the Magnesium Hydroxide, is the most used commercial anti-acid, since they both chemically react with the acid present in the stomach.
The use of the Aluminum Hydroxide in the antacid formulation is given by its capacity to neutralize the acidity and generate a buffer that presents a prolonged effect, with no secondary effects and a minor intestinal absorption level.

  • KH Aluminum Hydroxide Paste
  • KH Aluminum Hydroxide Powder
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Magnesium Hydroxide USP

The magnesium hydroxide is manufactured under GMP international standard. It presents a rapid action and low absorption at intestinal level, acting to neutralize gastric acid and reducing the pepsin activity. It is used together with aluminum hydroxide to avoid the laxative effect. It is also used in suspensions without aluminum hydroxide for other stomach effects.

  • KH Magnesio Paste
  • KH Magnesio Powder
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Coblended USP

The Al- Mg Coblended is produced under GMP International Standard Certification. The combination of Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide allows a rapid and sustained reaction, without major adverse effects. The addition of Sorbitol to the formulation improves mouthfeel, while stabilizing the preparation as well.
The Al- Mg Coblended facilitates the handling and preparation of the final product with lower costs. Besides having a high acid neutralizer capacity, this product can be customized under particular clients’ needs.

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Sorbitol 70% USP

Sorbitol is a moisturizer for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use and a food sweetener.

It is resistant to acid, alkaline and bacterial attack, heat stable, non-toxic and non-volatile. It has the ability to sequester metal ions and is not flammable. Sorbitol is used as a sweetener in dietary foods.
It is rated as a nutritive sweetener because each gram contains 2.4 calories, much less than 4 in sucrose or starch. Its flavor is sweet and is totally soluble in water, glycerin and propylene glycol.

  • Sorbitol 70% Non-Crystal USP Grade
  • Sorbitol 70% Crystal Grade USP
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Petroleum Jelly USP

Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) is a semi-solid, fatty, and translucent substance, which is obtained from the refining of a heavy fraction of the oil through the homogeneous mixture of saturated long-chain hydrocarbons. The composition of the mixture may vary depending on the class of oil and the refining process.
The Petroleum Jelly uses are very wide, however, the most common are for the preparation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, however they are also often used as footwear creams, lubricating greases, perfume extractor, insect repellent, in foods such as defoaming agent, descaling agent and protective coating, softener in white and colored rubber compounds.

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Magnesium Sulfate USP

(Epsom Salt)

Better known as Epsom Salt, Magnesium Sulfate is a derivative of the mineral magnesium. Magnesium is essential for people's health, essential for balancing the central nervous system and making it possible for thinking to be clear. It is part of humans, animals and plants.

    Uses of USP Magnesium Sulfate:

  • This product is commonly used for medicinal purposes such as bronchodilator or laxative, as well for agricultural purposes.
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Paracetamol or Acetaminophen is an analgesic and antipyretic widely used in the market for its low interaction with other products and also turns out to be quite safe. Its main application is fever and mild pain treatment. It is also a frequently used ingredient in medicines for common cold and flu.

For the manufacture process it can be used in its pure form (without excipients) or granulated for Direct Compression.

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Glycerine USP

Complying with all the USP pharmacopeia standards, this product has excellent physicochemical characteristics for its applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors. Its properties as a lubricating agent, moisturizer, stabilizer and many others such as its safety and low toxicity can provide excellent properties to the final product.

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