Magnesium Hydroxide USP

The magnesium hydroxide is manufactured under GMP international standard.

It presents a rapid action and low absorption at intestinal level, acting to neutralize gastric acid and reducing the pepsin activity. It is used together with aluminum hydroxide to avoid the laxative effect. It is also used in suspensions without aluminum hydroxide for other stomach effects.

KH Magnesio Paste

Pressed Magnesium Hydroxide,free of foreign substances, white color, fast reaction with gastric juice and concentration between 29 to 33% of Mg (OH)2.

  • Concentration: 29.0 - 33.0% Mg(OH)2
  • Viscosity: 1500 - 2500 Cps
  • pH: 9.5 - 10.7

KH Magnesio Powder

Odorless white powder that meets all USP requirements. Its greatest use is for tablets formulation, although it is also used in antacid suspensions. It is often formulated in combination with Aluminum Hydroxide paste or powder. Its concentration between is 95.0 to 100.5%.

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